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Our story 

We started in the last decade of the previous century. In that time we had only five employees, and all of them were hired at the position wedding planner. At that time we thought that a tent could only use for camping. We came up with an idea to start renting tents when one customer asked us if what we do in case of the rain. One of our colleagues answered: “We offer you a tent! “ As the time passed this became our primary business. Nowadays, we have all kind of tents in our product range. Whether you want to rent it for a wedding or camping, we have it all. We realized how useful tent is and sometimes even unnecessarily. We improved our quality to give you maximum protection. We gathered the best manufacturer in the country and created the perfect system to provide you only with the best quality.

Our Team

Adolph S. Cruz

Dolores B. Frank

Tammy R. Cortina